March 30, 2010

#002 - Danny, first meeting

Been thinking alot about an old friend lately and I'm not sure why. His name was Danny. Just saying his name makes me smile and remember =) The memories are far too few and fuzzy now but I'll put the funniest ones here, one at a time.

The very 1st time I met him I don't even think I was told his name. He was such a rude ass! HAHA! I walked up to a porch of a mutual friends and sit down and he turns and gives me the oddest look. I'm busy trying to figure out who he is and why is he looking at me like that. About 40 seconds later he says very loud (something like this) - "You look like a dick head!" WHAT?!?!?! I was so shocked I couldn't even speak! And he goes on - "YEP, your hair makes your head look like a dick." I'm sitting there sputtering and stammering and he then says without a second though - "I gotta go home, Sherry will be wondering where I am." For weeks after that I kept asking everyone - do you think my hair makes my head look funny??? LOL!

Here's what I looked like at the time, I had recently cut and bleached my hair
(this pic sat in Darkside's wallet for a long time if you can't tell) -

Although he's been gone for almost 8 years it's still difficult to remember that he's still not here. Darkside and I still catch ourselves saying "really, just ask Danny..........oh yea, well you could've asked Danny". my heart aches now........


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