March 9, 2010

Everyday Drinkers & Party Paddle

I can not believe I forgot to tell you about the contest I won! I gladly entered in Everyday Drinkers contest which all I had to do was tell them my honest opinion about some marketing ideas they had --- shoot! that's easy! =)  But for my opinions I got entered into the contest they had for some Party Paddles.

OMG! Party Paddles are they BOMB! and so up our alley. Do you all remember the birthday paddle of 2008?? It's kinda like that but adult & so much cooler! (do I sound excited enough yet?? LOL)  here is their video promo

I can't wait to get mine. Hopefully it will be before my birthday! (this year it falls ON Easter!) I'm hoping that it's pretty cool and it goes over well with our friends cause this is my plan for  birthday gifts for all of them =) Sure if they happen to get bored and read this then they will already know but ........ you know me I can't just give one thing that isn't personalized =)

I got MANY ideas for this -- many! I am so HAPPY!

Oh and............Derrick is still a cutie! I'll still watch every show I can =)  Darkside gets a kick out of me oogling Derrick (the host of CMC).

But you know what? The comments his wife Jennifer adds to the videos & her apperance in the ABV videos are GREAT too! Every man need a woman like her to keep them in line LOL! =)


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