March 8, 2010

my unfortunate fate til July

Well unfortunately I will have a new title come April 1st -- DRIVER. Back in Jan. Darkside was driving home from work and didn't realize his headlight was out and got pulled over.

We had no insurance at the time so he got a ticket for that. We were thinking no big deal, we'll just get insurance and then when he goes to court they will fine him minimum and it'll be all over. NOT the case!

While in court there were no options he got a fine and has 6 months to pay it. period. Um, ok. It's been 10+ years since he has even been pulled over and this is all the options?

So we're thinking - oh well, it's our own fault for not making the payments - we'll just pay the fine and be done with it. Nope! We get a letter the next week and it says that his license is also suspended for 3 months and he will have to pay a reinstatement fee! WHOA! WTH??!!??

So guess what? I get my old job back again, oh yea. Good thing it's going to be in the spring cause if it was winter time we'd all be screwed! LOL! After the drive down I80 in 2008 there ain't no way in HELL I'm gonna drive on ice & snow again. that.was.hell.

But that means I got to take him to and from work - BLAH! Good thing is that the kids are now old enough I don't have to drag them out too. Although I'm sure that they'll want to go now, go figure!

So, yeah, Darkside will be getting many more grey hairs after the next 3 months HAHAHA! Oh and if you see a teal 97 Chrysler LHS with a dented in hood watch out cause I'm NOT paying attention LOL!


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