March 16, 2010

nails =)

Lately I've been messing with my nails alot. I figure I might as well get it done with now while they are not covered with dirt LOL! I can't wait till it's full swing garden season! But anyway here's some of the designs I've done in the past couple weeks (all pics can be clicked on for a larger view) -

the first one, just because -

ones with glow in the dark decals -
these were soooo cool!!

and here are my St. Patty's Day designs (both hands)-

Pretty cool huh? =)  I learned how to make designs & such from watching YouTube videos. I didn't have all the tools some of them do but I improvised LOL! I could not believe the number of people who noticed and commented on them. I didn't think anyone would even notice.

Makes me think I should take more time with my nails from now on =)


*edited 3.16.10 midnight* Some how this didn't post this afternoon???!!! So I'm posting now.

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