April 6, 2010

current news here =)

We're moving again! UGH! I swear we are gypsies LOL! It's really not so bad other than the fact that all of us are pack rats so there's lots of stuff to move. With Darkside not being able to drive it makes things even more difficult since I can't drive his !@#%&*@ truck!

But the new house is on a nice quiet street though which will be nice after being on this busy street. Although it's no further away from the train tracks -- don't think that's possible here in mid-US LOL! Plus the house is soooo nice! It's tiny compared to this house but we'll make it work, we usually do =) Smaller house just means less room to heat/cool or clean!

The only things I can see that we have to do before moving in are minor clean up in the yard, quick wipe down of the everything, vacuum, and paint! No major fixes as far as we can tell! Isn't that nice!

Although for us to live there long term there are some things we'll need to do --- you know to customize it for us =)  We'll need to fix the shed outside -- possible new roof for it. Then we'll need to fix up the basement for the kids -- this is where their bedrooms will be. New screens for the windows -- there aren't any? Possible new window in kitchen. Possibly run a electric line for dryer and stove. Landscaping GALORE! Including till and plant a garden. Possibly a roof for the back deck. Fix the wooden fence.

Immediately we are going to look into how much it will be for us to put an addition onto this house. Although we will have to wait till next year to do something so large, we want to know what the cost will be. Especially if we like living there -- it will definitely be necessary! As I said it's a small house, I would guess about 600 square feet excluding the basement. I would estimate the basement is about 230 square feet of usable bedroom space. I would guess that's large enough for 2 medium size bedrooms. So where we have about 1800 sq. ft. at this house including the basement, we'll only have about 900-1000 sq. ft. at the new house with the basement.

This house looks so nice though inside and out with a quiet neighborhood so I think it's more worth it. It's the perfect size for what I want - not Darkside, but ME - although it's situated all screwy. Because the little blue house was smaller than this house but the little blue house had 2 bedrooms -- this one doesn't have even 1 bedroom!

Ahhhhh.......... got your attention now, eh? LOL! NO BEDROOMS! Yep, I said it! Don't ask me what these people was thinking when they designed the inside of this house. It's perfectly laid out, great size rooms but then BAM! forgot to put in bedrooms. Oh well we'll re-arrange some things and get one in there =)

I am so excited!! Going over today to paint hopefully =)


***none of the pictures in this post are mine, I take no credit for them at all!***

April 5, 2010

my birthday & Easter

Here's some pictures from my birthday which I'm lucky this year and it fell on Easter! enjoy! =)

my cake - 2 versions =)

some of my birthday presents

Had a GREAT birthday and a pretty good Easter.

We ended up just doing ham salad for Easter dinner. A little un-traditional but still good. When digging for egg dye in our storage stuff I realized that after I bought 3 more boxes of dye that we HAD 3 boxes! So I told the kids every week we'll do a egg decorating day till it's all gone. There are like 75 egg wraps in there! We're going to have some pretty eggs for awhile LOL!

Darkside let me indulge in a new purchase cause I begged =)  A new cake pan -- it's a butterfly. Then he turned around and threw a fit cause I wanted to use it myself to make my birthday cake LOL! Can't help it I wanted to have fun with it first =) I LOVE my new pan! The cake was soooo beautiful without doing anything. But then I tried to decorate it --- I don't decorate cakes well. But I had some fun. I went with a lemon cake cause lemon makes me think of warm weather =)

I am so glad 30 is over! That was one rough year! I really hope 31 goes smoother, with a move already in the works I don't know if this is going to happen.


April 1, 2010

trying to turn a new leaf ~blah!

After a recent yearly trip to doctor for my blood pressure I decided to turn a new leaf.


I'm attempting to get into better shape. The last time I even tried this was 3 years ago - it lasted 1 week! Then there was the time in 2003 while I was pregnant with #4 and that lasted 2 months. But before that NOTHING planned since high school!

Sure before I turned 18 I walked every where, but it was how I got around - not exercise, or at least that's how I seen it. =)

But anyway..... every year during my yearly blood pressure check ups I climb on that big, bad scale and notice I've gained yet another 10 pounds. And yes I know getting old does this to a person but I think lack of exercise does too. And every year it seems even as we simplify our lives we are lessening the amount of exercise we're doing.

So I've decided to change this. I've started actively exercising at least 3 times a week. We went out and bought this nifty cool bike and we all are riding it like crazy! Now if we could just afford to keep batteries in it! (I'm wanting to get the power adapter.)  I know it's mean but I told the kids no batteries for them - I can't afford to keep buying 4 D batteries for it though. They can still ride it without the batteries, it just doesn't tell them how far or fast they are going.

Darkside and I are attempting to do 2 miles each time, but it's hard to do! I can easily do 2 miles once a week but I just can't make myself do it again in the same week. Motivation is harder to come by than the mystical "roun-2-it" LOL!

I'm gonna give it another week or so and go back to the doctor to weigh myself. If I've lost 2 pounds I'm gonna consider it a success =)  Oh and I'm not gonna cheat and wear different shoes or something LOL! It don't work if all your doing is lying to yourself =)

figured it would be good for me to write this here so Darkside then has an alibi when they find me dead on that thing =)  Oh and if you see a headline "Over-weight Housewife Found Dead While Exercising" don't laugh too hard!


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