May 3, 2010

been awhile

Large House Rabbit.Image by Jim Linwood via Flickr
Yea I know. Just not been feeling like writing much here lately - probably all the facebook =)

Everyone keeps asking whatcha been up to? nothing! We've just been chugging along with life.

We're waiting for something to come up with a "new" house. We got one that's supposed to be getting fixed so we can move in. And another that is in the process of seeing if we can get a loan for - to buy it! Both houses are 3 bedrooms and got huge yards -- big enough for chickens and rabbits! (cause of the code thing here) And both are near a big section of land that the kids would be able to play in -- one is next to a park and the other has a huge empty lot that is grassy. The both even have chicken coops in place! Oh and they both have big wooden back decks.

The BIG difference is the locations of the two. One is in one of the worst areas in town and the other is in one of the nicest areas. Go figure. We currently live in an area that most people would NOT but this house that's in the worst areas is in a different area. It's the neighbors I think that make that area worse than where we are. There is no pride or organization in the yards in that area. It's really sad actually.

The bad part is the house in the nice area is almost TOO  nice of an area for us. The house itself stands out in this area -- but believe me we'll stand out more! But I try not to worry about it too much cause I think we'll stand out no matter where we go =)

SR's brother got him about 75 baby chicks about 3 weeks ago. Yes - 75!! So right now he has about 92 chickens which is WAY too many. But he plans on taking a bunch of them to the auction. He was going to yesterday but he got up too late. So now he'll have to wait till next month cause they only hold it the first A day-old chickSunday of every month. I will have to remind him about the auction house in Carrollton! Just remembered that they do animals and it's every week. Duh, Anne!

Not too much going on though. Just feels like we're in slow motion or something even though I know we're not.


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