July 18, 2010

#004 - sneaking out w/ Marci

Sneaking out is NOT something that was popular in little ole Manchester, well at least not for me LOL! But one time when I was spending the night with my friend Marci she suggested that we should. (she lived in J'ville)

I asked "Why? Are we going to meet some guys?"
She said "NO! But it'll be fun!"

ummm... ok? but heck, what did I know?

See my cousin Robyn would sneak out all the time -- but she usually did to meet guys or go party. This all happened conveniently when I wasn't there. Wonder if it's cause I was a tattle-tail? =)

So back to me & Marci. I should share that this is only like the second time I've spent the night there -- still in the I'm-not-relaxed-in-this-house stage. And since I've never did the whole sneaking out thing I'm thinking we'll be just walking out one of the doors -- that's what Robyn did usually (or so she said!).

Marci swears we HAVE to wait till midnight or later or else it won't work.

About 11:30 she tells me to help her open the window (we're in her basement). WHAT??!!??!! I am not climbing out a basement window onto the ground! She must be nuts! And how will we get back in?

By this time I'm almost hyper-ventilating! My mind is going a million miles a minute.
(I know I was a weird child too!)

But someone was looking out for me ---  the window wasn't opening!! YEA!!

My little friend was determined though and she got that damn window open LOL! My heart just dropped to my toes. I was doomed! I just knew I was gonna screw this up in some way -or- some weird guy was gonna try kidnapping us or something.

So I barely get my fat butt out the window and manage to do it without making too much noise - she of course gets out no problem (like a pro *g*). It was chilly out although it was summer, I didn't think of that, great.

So I'm like what now? She says come on! We ended up running in and out of houses & backyards for what seemed like hours. A couple dogs barked but no light turned on. Then we stopped in one backyard with a clothes line. I'm not sure why but we ended up stealing a pair of shorts off that line.

We then ran some more and stopped in a different backyard. We was breathing hard and laughing -- of course all while trying to be quiet LOL! But in this backyard a light came on -- S#!T! So we dived for the bushes. The guy came out and looked around - maybe let out a dog? - then went back in and shut the light off.

WHEW! What a close one!

So we decide to head back - it had seemed like we were gone forever. We get back and the window is CLOSED!!!


So we sat and tried to think of what we would say -- now Marci was darn near hyper-ventilating! As we're sitting there we realize that there aren't any other lights on or any movement in the house. HEY - maybe we're not caught!

So we decide to chance it and go in anyway. GAWD was that awful! Knowing that any second her parents may walk  in the door and demand what was going on. Thankfully it didn't happen =)

Oh - we were only gone for like an hour or so LOL!!

I swore after that night I'd never sneak out again -- it wasn't worth it! Too much adrenaline for me!


As I sat writing this I realized that this is such a foggy memory that I may have the some of the details wrong. If I did I'm sorry but this is about as much as I can remember for now. But now at least I have it down  =)

I also realized that I lied! There was this one time that did sneak out with a girl named Jamie -- we did walk out her front door but her mom was there asleep. THAT time was the scariest time ever!! I was so lucky that we didn't get caught I would have been DEAD! I'll have to share that next time =)

Oh and there was the time Kim & I was gonna "sleep in her garage" but really planned to have boys in there with us LOL! How did we ever manage THAT one?? And this one too will have to be shared later =)

I'm smiling such a big goofy grin thinking of these memories. I love to reminisce!


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