July 19, 2010

#005 - sneaking out w/ Jamie

Just talking about this adventure get my heart racing! Let me explain...

My mom's very best friend in the whole world, Peggy, had a daughter who was my age - Jamie. Peggy & Jamie were the exact opposites of Mom & me. They had such personality, vibrancy, and attitude! The both of them was so crazy!

Sadly Peggy was murdered about 14 yrs ago. My heart aches every time I think of her and what the world is missing now that she's gone. I'll never forget the memories I have of her.

Sadly I haven't seen Jamie since 1997.

I have another memory of Jamie that I will HAVE to get typed up -- it's a must tell!


Ok! Now I'm ready =)

So Jamie invites me to spend the night at her & Peggy's new apartment. Honestly, I don't think she wanted me to spend the night but her Mom wanted me to and so she had to. It was just Jamie and you had to understand all of her to understand her quirks =)

She tells me after my Mom left that she planned to sneak out to go to her boyfriend's house that night -- WOW OK! I was all for it. You know what she tells me?


YEP! She tells me I can't go cause I'll be too slow, the cops will be able to spot me cause I'm too white, and cause she don't want to get caught. Well, la-te-da on you too Jamie! LOL! So I said whatever, I'll just stay here then =(

While talking to her boyfriend on the phone she tells him how I'm spending the night and he says GREAT my buddy's looking for a girlfriend. Once Jamie told him she's leaving me behind he told her NO bring her along. She got mad but said ok.

So she tells me each spot the floor creaked while Peggy was gone (at work maybe?). So later that night we decide and tell Peggy that we're gonna sleep in the living room, which she's ok with. I know she thought something was up but couldn't quite figure it out.

You know why? Cause I'm acting like nothing is going on - no big deal to me. Cause Jamie tells me her boyfriend only lives about a block north of her. This makes me think it's no big deal - heck I go outside and run all over Manchester all the time what's a block? 

If it was so easy!

So later that night we sneak out of the apartment and down the stairs (upstairs apartment). While going out I made the floor squeak and Jamie gave me crap about that as soon as we got outside. GREAT =(

(those who know J'ville -- this apartment was about 2 houses west of Douglas & Clay)

So we're walking west on Douglas -- I'm now bound and determined I'm not gonna get us caught & I'm gonna act as cool as Jamie does! We cross East street and I'm thinking WOW this is kinda far away -- HA!

I notice there's no more houses as far as I can see and so I ask Jamie "Where is it at?" She says "Oh it's a couple more blocks away."

NO WAY! I stop and tell her I'm going back cause she said it was only 1 block away. She tells me whatever! I knew you was a baby! Go back but if a cop sees you then you'll get arrested I won't!

OH BOY! I was scared then. Can't go, can't stay! So I figure I'll just go with her, she seems like she knows what she's doing. It can't be that bad.

So we're walking down Douglas like we're supposed to be -- it's like 2AM! Till we get to what I thought was the fire station. She dives in the bushes and tells me to HIDE! So I try to do the same as her -- umm not working LOL!

Then she gets up and says RUN! So I start running - we run all the way down till we hit Fayette then we slow down. We turn and head north and then take a left onto Duncan? and go west again. We go about 2 more blocks and then she says "we're here!"

I'm like OK? She says "be QUIET! his mom will hear you! come on." So we go around the house to the back and go into the basement through the outside door.

It's all dark and scary till we get into a large opening and then I see a couch and a small table with a light & a radio on it. Beside the couch is a guy (read: kid) and sitting on the couch is another guy (again: kid). As soon as Jamie gets close to the guy standing she kisses him -- well that clears that up LOL!

The guy on the couch though gets up and says "this is bogus! I'm leaving!" Jamie's boyfriend says "What?" and turns to look at me  and says "OH! D**N Jamie why didn't you say anything?!"

Jamie all smug says "What? You told me to bring her, so I did!" Her boyfriend says to his friend - "Just sit here it's no big deal, it can't be that bad." then he grabs Jamie's arm and drags her off to some where I can't see.

This whole time I'm standing scared and embarrassed to death because I'm thinking - jeez how fat & ugly am I that this dude is mad?? GAWD! I wanted to die!

The couch guy sits back down and tells me I can sit down if I want. So I sit and stare straight ahead - scared out of my mind and about to cry. Couch guy didn't say a word to me & I didn't to him either. About 10 mins later here comes Jamie & her boyfriend.

Jamie is mad and says lets go. So we leave.

Once outside I was so quiet that Jamie asked "what's wrong with you?" all hateful like. That's all I needed I start blubbering "why didn't he even want to talk to me? what's wrong with me? why did you do that to me Jamie??"

She started laughing at me!! OMG!!

I started to get mad and stopped crying. What an butt head!

Then as we were walking she told me why he did that and why we left. He did that because I was white - he didn't date white girls. I was SHOCKED! I couldn't believe it mattered what color a person was before you'd talk to someone. She then told me that's why she got mad and we left.

Because Jamie had a white Mom and a black Dad -- she is inter-racial. I sure hope that's the PC way to say it cause back then she said it TOTALLY different. She said she was mixed. I don't know - I say she's my friend & if anyone needed further clarification of WHO she was I just said her last name!

But ... back on track here! She said it pissed her off cause if he did want to talk to me then what was up with him wanting to talk to her? She's part white - what's that mean? Her boyfriend must of not said the right thing quick enough cause she got pissed and we left!

I was so happy! I wasn't ugly or fat!! YEA! But then I was sad - how could I change being white?

And then I remember what Jamie had said to me earlier that day about being too white to sneak out. So I asked her why did she say that to me when I can't help it I'm white and I did fine so far (by this time we was about to East street again). And she punched me in the arm and said "don't jinx us!"

JEEZ OK! it really hurt! Then she said "cause I was just giving you a hard time - of course you was going with me. what else would you of done, stay there? NO! plus it's different for me to say something like that - we're like family" awww! =)

By this time we'd made it to her porch and we sat on something there on the porch talking (swing, steps, something). About that time a car turned onto Douglas from Clay headed west. I was soooo scared cause it was a cop. I said what do we do Jamie???

She said s#!t that pig can't do anything we're on the porch! LOL!  OHHHHH! and he did drive on past.

I learned more than one thing that night! I'll never forget it - that's for sure =)


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