July 22, 2010

mad as a hatter!!

It seems like every time I turn around there is crap going on that makes me mad! maybe I need a pill?!

Today since I need to pick up #3 from camp I had to take Darkside to work so I can use the car since the truck is out of gas. So I go and get a few things done while out -- why not it's so LOVELY out, right? LOL!

Mind you I've not left the house during the day for like a week.

I get back and I have this on my door --

ummmmm...................ok? this pisses me off but I figure maybe I got the wrong date down for when it's due, done that before - ya know =) Here's my bill --

It's not even due till tomorrow!!! Oh yes I was MAD! 

So I call and let them know - their answer? The lady who filled them out today said her paper said it was due the 21st -- although the computer shows the 23rd. She's not sure what happened. WHAT??!! I let her know that I was mad -- not at her, but at what had happened and that I thought she ought to say something to the "bosses" because this was UNCALLED for!

Now all my new neighbors think I don't pay my bills -- GREAT! Such a great way to start out -- even if I don't plan on staying here. And it's not like I can go outside and talk to each one of them and explain it to them. Heck, I can't even put up a sign to say that they did it wrong cause it's against policy here!

I think I'm gonna start a countdown to when we leave --- think it's too early? LOL!

And like Darkside tells me all the time --- you wanted to come back here! you MISSED it! HA!


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