September 7, 2010

apple day off (kinda!)

Tonight we had a day off from doing apples - well.... kinda. We decided to only do the apple butter that was going in the crockpot. Well all day I kept telling the kids - go stir that apple butter --- and they would. I'd ask is it thick yet? Is it sticking? And they'd say nope Mom!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm............. that's odd. But I would forget about it and then about an hour later we would do the whole thing again. heck, I even got up and stirred it once or twice to see how it was myself - not done =(

About 7 PM I asked how in the heck could it take all day to do apple butter when it's on high?? And one of the kids said -- but Mom it's on warm not high UGH!!!

So once we got it on high things went by pretty quick although it wasn't done till about 11 PM so that meant we were canning late. =(

We started assembling jars and started to realize that for one the double batch of apple butter only yields 7 pints JEEZ! and also that we only had 7 canning lids left UGH!

So we got all that water up to a boil for 7 jars and that's it. And with money flow down right now (Sept is our worst month besides Dec) I'll have to wait to do more canning.

I did do some computer repairs for a friend though and so maybe I'll actually see the money and be able to use it for lids =)       ***this friend hasn't ever not paid - but other repair jobs haven't ever been a money maker for me***


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