September 6, 2010

apples day 2

Ok apples day 2 - to start off I woke up and anxiously checked the jars from the night before.


I left the wrong amount of head space so  they all had blow out =(  One didn't seal at all! So I took all of them and emptied them into gallon size jars and into the fridge they went.

Then we had to run out to our storage to get more jars because I was out here at home. On the way we stopped and picked some sumac. Well we thought was sumac but had to double check -- IT IS! YEA! I'm gonna have fun with this stuff =) I plan to dry & juice the berries so we can use them. Oh and I also am going to try to harvest and save some seeds so when we go to the new place I can plant it there. It's such a fast grower it'll be great to have around. Here's what it looks like -

So we get home and get to work for day 2.

We ended up doing 12 quarts and 1 pint of apple slices in extra super light syrup. They will be so nice to eat or in a pie! Here's a picture of them -

We finished off all the apples we have already picked. In the wee hours of the this morning we decided to take a break from apples - besides the apple butter - till Tuesday. =)


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