September 9, 2010

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Well I keep slacking on doing the apples =(  It's just hard to get motivated when I have so much to do.
Today when doing the apples I didn't have enough sugar on hand so I used a generic splenda. Also I did these as spiced (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg). There was no way to put all this on the lid so I just put apples, the date, and an A. So I have all the info here if I need it LOL!

Did 7 quarts today =)

Well got more to do tomorrow cause I have apple butter going in the crock pot again =)

I've also been dehydrating mushrooms like crazy. I can buy a package of sliced mushrooms and it will fill up all my dehydrator trays. When dried all those mushrooms will fill up one quart jar which is kinda cool.

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