September 12, 2010

canning but no apples

Apple juice with two applesImage via Wikipedia
So today we canned 6 pints of plum preserves and 5 pints of peach preserves - with 1 in the fridge part full. And one HUGE pot of apple juice going on the stove for jelly.

We've got 3 quarts of dried mushrooms -- well 2 and half actually cause I used some the other night for swiss mushroom burgers (mmmmm.......)

And I lost the battle of keeping the apple peels =(   I had about 9 big ziploc bags stored in the deep freeze and it was too many. Especially when I got such a great deal on hamburger =)

Just don't ask me what I'm gonna do with 40 lbs of hamburger!! I hope I can make it tasty cause that's the main meat we've got this month LOL!


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