September 14, 2010

Day 1: water contamination

This year they have a great little report card you can print and fill out - which would of been so much cooler if it would have been more black ink only friendly. But it was still great to be able to give yourself a "grade". Last year I think here on the blog I may have been more harsh than needed on what we did do.

Ok - today I read the challenge before I went to bed at 3AM (I know - up too late!). I immediately told Darkside - "GREAT! We're dead already!!" LOL! We recently bought the jugs needed to actually start our water storage but they are mostly still full with the punch that came in them =(

So I went to bed pretty depressed last night figuring that we were doomed
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This morning I got up and told the kids that the challenge started and that it was about water. They didn't really ask and so I didn't tell them. And then it dawned on me! I'll spring it on them awhile before bed. I'm such an evil mom   }: |

So we did at about 8:30 tonight. They all did pretty good - I"m surprised! Oh - don't get me wrong - #3 didn't surprise me at all. Survival prep is his new passion -- he studies books on this stuff for more than 12 hours everyday! But I thought they all did REALLY good.

Here's our report card -

Right after we were done we got to work on the jugs we did have empty - they are ready to go for a real emergency now =)
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I had Chiam & Alexis go shut off the water and for the whole time we went through the scenarios the water was off. After our winter in Iowa Falls 2008/9 we're still pretty resourceful with finding and using water. Don't get me wrong I KNOW that if the water was off each one of us would flick that handle on the toilet more than once LOL! But we're pretty good about other things we do with water.


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