September 16, 2010

day 3: EMP

Well today was -- .......a severe terrorist attack.......causing an EMP.........

We totally dropped the ball on this one =(   This type of emergency just scares the CRAP out of me! So I spent today trying to learn more because learning more usually helps alleviate my fears. Well so far I'm still scared! =)

We did as a family do a mock evacuation and talked about all potential way we would either leave or stay and routes. During this mock evacuation we talked about ways to get ready (stay or go) and actually timed it. We could of got done and ready (to stay or go) within 20 mins which isn't too bad for a 1st time =)

But other than the trial run and talking we didn't do anything else on the challenge. We'll have to work more on this over time -- it's alot for kids to comprehend, heck it's alot for adults!! =)

Here's our report card (click for larger view) -


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