September 3, 2010

garden 2010

The garden this year hasn't been something to really write about =(

But we did end up getting some stuff from it, lets do a run down =)

  • about 70 pounds potatoes -- didn't try to grow these the way I wanted to, not too good of a yield - something is better than nothing tho!
  • about 50 ears sweet corn
  • about 80 ears popcorn
  • about 15 bunches of broom corn tops
  • about 40 tomatoes from SR's plants
  • about 100 onions, small
  • about 4 cups of strawberries
  • about 2 cups of blackberries
  • about 7 green peppers
  • about 10 jalapeno peppers
  • herbs are going strong in their pots from last year - lived through the winter on their own - I haven't harvested more than a handful this year

eggs on the other hand WOW! here's our best guess on egg production this year -
  •  Jan - 10 eggs
  • Feb - 2 dozen
  • March - 3 dozen
  • April - 4 dozen
  • May - 6 dozen
  • June - 6 dozen
  • July - 7 dozen (new hens starting)
  • Aug - 15 dozen (not a typo!)

We didn't lose any hens this year to the gnats, thankfully! But SR did get about 75 chickens given to him and some of them did die from either crowding or gnats. I wanted so bad to slaughter some of the roosters he had out of all those but no one really wanted to besides me --- and we all know I wasn't doing any of it, I'm the supervisor LOL! Oh well maybe some other time.

SR also got rid of all the rabbits about 2 months ago. So no more of that.

We will be going this weekend to pick apples, hopefully. I have many things I'm planning with them -- hopefully we won't lose too many this year. Last year I did so many and got sick of looking at apples so I ended up giving them to the chickens and burying them in the garden. Don't worry they were the ones that looked the worse out of all of them. (these trees aren't sprayed or taken care of in anyway -- free apples tho!)

Also I hope to go this weekend and plant our fall garden. This year we're doing broccoli again -- this was soooo worth it last year!! We will also be doing - cabbage and swiss chard. I've never had swiss chard before this will be fun =)

We're gearing up for a big garden next year at a new place. I plan to make up for such a poopy garden this year =)


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