September 21, 2010

inner seeds =)

M.D. Creekmore at The Survivialist Blog had asked "Who planted your “inner seed” leading to your preparedness lifestyle?"  I just had to put my story down and thought - "why not re-post here?" so here it is =)

My grandma, who was a child during the depression inspired me. Actually she yelled at me LOL! I was a stupid 19 yr old with 3 kids and an equally stupid 21 yr old husband. At the time I was sitting and trying to borrow money off her because they cut our aid check. I thought someone was supposed to help me but I wasn't helping myself. She yelled at me for a good hour and you know what? I didn't get any money either! =)

I didn't listen that time, but the next time she mentioned it I started getting a little worried. I don't know if I was more worried about us or her. She sat that day at her kitchen table and cried about how hungry they had been and about how HER mom had cried when they had nothing. For the next 3 years she told me more and more stories about hard times during her life both during the depression and while raising 7 kids with no money.

Each time I'd buy a little something extra or save that little bit of this or that. I still remember the first time I went shopping and came home with 10 bottles of ketchup - my husband was SHOCKED! I tried to laugh it off and act like it wasn't nothing, but it was. I was scared and rightfully so. There's no reason to go to the store everyday just to fix your normal meals!

You know out of 7 kids, 17 grandkids, and 26 great grandkids I wonder how many "talks" she's done of the years? I know her talking to me clicked a switch thankfully =)  

She suffered with storing too much, for too long too. I think that it's a double edge sword. When she sold the farm about 10 yrs ago and moved in town she got rid of all that food. I noticed that now she has hardly anything in her cabinets or fridge. I worry everyday that she'll be ok when times get tough. But she's a tough old bird and will probably be ok =)


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