September 3, 2010

Wrapped in Hope - completed quilt

I finally got all the stuff together and got it put together. It was difficult but fun =) I love trying new things and with this quilt I tried lots!
First, I tried a new design which was based on the attic window quilt block. It's explained here -  I do think I'll do it again but next time I will try a different color combo and assembly. It was a nice way to display the patterned fabric tho =)
Next, I tried this method of quilting the whole thing together -  Ok I didn't do this on this quilt but on a separate little quilt --! didn't work for me, I have no clue! I think it may be my machine - at least that's what I'm going to blame it on LOL!
Ok and last, I tried a number of things from this page -
  • I tried  her method of making binding - it was difficult for me at best! I did complete a couple strips connecting the way she said but then I caved and did it flat cut to flat cut. 
  • I tried her method of starting a binding in the middle of one long side -- worked GREAT! This will be my new method of starting binding now =)I also tried her method of doing corners -- LOVE it! So much easier than other ways I've done them =)
  • I thought about doing her way of joining the binding when you reach the end but decided against it last minute.
  • And last I tried her way of finishing the binding on the quilt (hand stitching binding on back). My fingers about fell off! I don't know how people can hand quilt whole blankets - it's sooo hard! Sorry but if I have access to power and a sewing machine that is going to be the way I do it LOL!
I also made a pillowcase to go along with this. At first I tried it my way --- looked crappy! Then I found out about the method they show on this video (below) -- - it's so easy, I LOVE it!

Now to just get it mailed to the boy -- #3 is soooo jealous of this little boy =)

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