October 15, 2010

#006 - hiding in the tub

There were only 2 times I bought weed - this is the first time.

There was a girl at school who had somehow found her dad's huge stash (trash bags!) and was coming to school and would sell a little bit here and there. She always shared quite a bit with all of us so we never seen much use for buying any.

Then one day Robyn said she was going to buy a bag - she had almost saved up the $15 that was necessary. She of course said she wouldn't be a free with her's as this girl was - WHAT?! Well she wasn't gonna say no to me! I'd just buy my own!

So after a couple weeks or some crafty begging - can't remember =)  I had my $15 too. So we told her and she brought it to school the next day. Wow did I feel like the biggest deal EVER! I just knew I was IT now -- I bought it that's hardcore, right? LOL!

That day when I went home after the ritual after school toke at Robyn's my mom was onto me or something. When I asked to back over to Robyn's she said no. WHAT??!! How was I supposed to smoke my stuff if I couldn't go over there?

So in my infinite teenage wisdom I thought I could fool her - I asked to go to Sally's house LOL!

Oh I thought I was soooooo smart! So I sat at Robyn's for about 2 hours, no big deal. Sure we smoked some of it -- honestly I think that stingy s**t smoked most of mine and none of hers!

Till my mom knocked on the door.


We about died! Cause Robyn & her mom lived in a very small one bedroom apartment with NO BACK DOOR!!

And.........we are high mind you! So we're fumbling and mumbling and not sure what to do!

Last second I think --- hey the tub, that's a good place! Why would she ever look there?? So I run and jump in the tub and pull the curtain closed.

It seemed like forever she was in the living room talking to Robyn about stupid stuff.

For awhile I wondered if Robyn was trying to scare me by keeping her there or what! She would just to mess with me LOL!

Then she was just about ready to leave and it happened.


She asked to go to the bathroom.


We both about gave in right there. I thought for sure Robyn had some how told her where I was and she was gonna jerk me up out of that tub and beat me to death!

I about couldn't do -- I just about caved.

You know what? She never had a clue! She did her business and left with NO clue!
The relief we both felt was so enormous it wasn't even funny! (well now it is LOL)
We told her years later and she said she ought to beat us both for playing her the fool. I think she was surprised that we were brave enough. Cause let me tell you -- that took LOTS!

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