October 14, 2010

irony of life

Oh the irony in my life in lately is just too canny! Let me explain.

We moved back "home" because we didn't like the fact that we didn't know anyone in Iowa Falls and wanted to be where we knew others so we could feel at home again. The "reunion" was bittersweet if you could even call it that! It's one thing to go to a store and see lots of people and yet not know one -- and quite another to go to a store and see MANY you know, yet few will acknowledge you.

And I'm not sure if it's irony or what you would call it but the twists life has thrown us lately on places to live  is weird. We went from living in a rough neighborhood to having two options to get out of there. What were the two options? The childhood home of one of the men who killed my father --or-- a home that is on the same street (diagonally across from) that my father was killed on. WTH??!!

And it's not like we had alot of choice had to pick one or the other -- the house we were staying in was in a REALLY rough place!

I don't know maybe it's just me because next year will be 25 years since my father died. Or maybe it's because next year will be when one of his killers will be getting out on parole. Maybe it's because I sort of reconnected with my half-sister? Could it just be late life grieving?

I don't know. I have just been really thinking about my dad alot this year. This fiasco didn't help matters none.

just. don't. know.


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