January 24, 2011

#007 - my scars

I have a few scars but not many. Figured I'd cover the stories behind them =)

#1 - the horizontal line under my lip = this one is from when I was about 2 or so. Every evening when my Dad came home I would hide somewhere in the house and he'd go looking for me with Mom's help. I usually would just pick something to get on the other side of and wait =) On this day instead of just hiding on the other side of their bed I hid under it. Normally it wouldn't be not big deal but..... they had just a small cot with exposed springs and Mom thought I was on the other side so she bounced down on it. I can only imagine how bad it was! The spring came down and caught my face, right under my lip, and ripped it through. Mom said it was terrible! I had to have stitches in it - inside and out. Mom said I would talk or trust her for sometime after that even though she tried to bribe me LOL!

#2 - the hole in my right temple = this one is from chicken pox in 84 or 85. I don't remember much about this either. All I remember is me laying in Joey's room on a bed with lots and lots of blankets on me. Oh and my Mom laid with me more than once. And I ate chicken noodle soup too! LOL! I don't have any other chicken pox scars from then though - just the one. And oddly I went to school with a girl named Suzie who had one that looked almost the exact same in the same spot! =)

#3 - the line scar on top of my right hand (outer edge) = this one is from 85 or 86. We was living on Foulton St in J'ville and I hit my Mom's cigarette. I remember this one and still don't understand how it was so big of a scar when it didn't seem to hurt that much?!

#4 - the hole on my right knee = this one I remember too! I was riding double on a bike in Manchester on Lee St (I think?). I can't remember for sure who I was riding with but I remember I crashed and fell on the newly graveled road. When I looked down  I seen a rock stuck in my knee and I started screaming for someone to get my Mom! LOL! She pulled out rock, poured peroxide on it and then sent me on my way. Of course I played it up like I couldn't walk for at least a day or two LOL!

#5 - the horizontal scar on my right ear = this one was in 87 or 88 and was from me playing with a puppy with my hair. The little mutt got my ear! LOL! Didn't do that no more =)

#6 - the holes and lines on my right leg from knew to ankle = this was in 91 from my uncle Bill's dogs attacking me. They were a schnauzer/poodle mix and a Doberman, Sparky and Max. I'll never know what caused them to nip at me but I sure know what caused them to tear into me -- me screaming and kicking at them! I'll never forget in my whole life my Mom coming to help me and having to turn around because the dogs wouldn't have listened to her. My cousin Amy screamed at me to stand still and shut up! When I finally did she was able to pull them away and save me. I only went back a few times after that I was just too scared. I still to this day am scared of Dobermans and any dog that is growling and barking. Just can't help it. Poor Max just sat in the window afterward whining wondering why we all were mad at him =(

#7 - the hole on the top of my left foot = this was from 94. When I was living out at Gold Coast with my Mom and brother I used to sit with a bunch of the park kids. Since most of them were boys, younger than me, I would tease them all the time about how I was gonna kiss them =)  I was chasing one named Mikey after dark and tripped over something and fell. When I looked at my foot I realized that I had taken a big chunk of flesh out from a trailer tie down that was bent and rusty. So I went home to ask Mom if I should go the the hospital or what. She was at the bar so I had to call her. After an hour I finally got ahold of her and she said that I'd be fine not to worry. So my aunt Donna helped me clean it and patch it up with bandaids cut into butterfly strips (don't work great btw!). Once she got it all cleaned out we both seen white. Aunt Donna always did say it was bone - I sure hope not!

#8 - the holes on my right leg = one is small (inner leg) and it's from me and Darkside being dumb while trying to figure out our 1st computer (2000). He burnt me with his cigarette on accident LOL! The other one is on the outside of my right leg and it's not something you can over look that's for sure! I've had a bump on that part of my leg since I was at least 10 or so. It never did anything so I just left it there. Well in 2008 it got infected so it had to be cut off/out. I had it done in December. The pain killing shots they gave just about killed me! But besides that - I haven't felt a thing! They were able to get almost all of it and what's left will stay! The feeling as he was pulling it out and cutting was awful! Never again!

The only other thing I have is quite unique but I have no clue how I got it or when. I have a deep hole in my left hand on the palm side. I joke and say it's a sign =) Of course I also have many track-like marks from my pregnancies - I had vampires for doctors I swear! But besides that I have no other scars except from giving birth. I don't think anyone will see those except Darkside or a doctor! LOL! Maybe sometime soon I tell about all my tattoos =)


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