April 21, 2011

day to day

Our day to day has been going super slow and it's driving me nuts! When Darkside is working alot then it always seems as if we have plenty of money to do repairs but no time. So each thing we need to do takes a week or longer -- blah!

But the alternative is to be broke with plenty of time to do chores and we don't want that! I kinda like the ability to pay all our bills and buy the things we want.

------------ OMG! -----------------

I just realized I hadn't told here that we moved again! JEEZ! How could I forget?!

When we got our taxes this year we moved again. Hopefully (fingers crossed!) this will be the last time. We stayed in the same town but just moved on the other side. The house is crap but was cheap and we were able to work out a payment plan so I can pay it off in 2-3 years. Plus the best parts are: it's got a huge yard, enough bedrooms, and I can have chickens & rabbits!

Should I even divulge the bad parts? hmmmmm............. yea gotta I guess LOL

Going into it we knew that the neighborhood isn't the best. Not quite ghetto but close. Plus we could tell that there was a groundhog who had taken up residence under the porch. Anyone who looked could tell that there a few trees that needed trimmed/taken out along with the yard needing cleaned. Also the plumbing was a known problem, but not a big worry.

Things we didn't know that we have figured out so far:

  • floors joists are weak
  • foundation is crap
  • NO storm windows or screens
  • bathroom, kitchen, and dining room too small
  • phone lines no good
  • furnace not vented enough
  • roof leaks
  • termites
  • wasps
  • basement leaks
  • 3 truck loads of trash in chicken coop
  • broken glass all through the yard
Oh yeah and the fact that we live RIGHT next to a park -- a park that I thought was a quiet rarely visited park -- NOT! The neighbor kids go there everyday and if it hits 75 outside then there are all kinds of people who go there. It shocked me! Especially since the park has CRAPPY parking. But believe it or not we've not had problems with people trying to park in our driveway -- and I'm grateful for that =)

But you know what? I'm determined to make it work. No place is perfect and every house needs some work especially for the price we paid! So we've already tackled about half of this list and we'll get the rest fixed in time. all it takes is time............

I am NOT a patient person tho..................
wish me luck!


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