April 11, 2011

my "new" nephew

I got to talk to my "new" nephew for the first time today! It was only for about 2 minutes and I'm pretty sure I scared the crap out of him but it was so good to talk to him finally.

I'm also pretty sure I said all the wrong things but really where's the handbook on this? How is a person supposed to know what to say or not -- how to act or not?

I say "new" because to me he's been my nephew since birth -- but his parents kept throwing the whole DNA test threat around but until recently never actually did it. My nephew is turning 11 in a couple weeks!

I just hope that in spite of recent events that someday I will get to finally meet him because I've never seen him except in pictures. He looks so much like my brother did at that age -- I just wanna hug him and never let go!

sometimes life just sucks with the way things are........


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