May 20, 2011

more planting!

I can't believe it but we've been planting even more! And I forgot to mention the trees we planted!

Ok first - we built and planted 2 boxes and the swing side of garden #1, it covers the whole width of it. One box is all herbs and the other is for radishes, turnips, and carrots (which we still need to plant). The herbs we chose were - a volunteer chive, 3 yr old sage (still going strong!), basil, lemon balm, thyme, lavender, mint, and rosemary.

Then up on the side of the house we started our very own orchard or mini trees. I'm so excited about these! We have 2 sweet bing cherries and Jonathan & McIntosh apple trees. I really hope these work and we have fruit soon! Though I know it'll probably be a year at least =(

And around the back deck/porch we planted 6 winter gem boxwoods. In the front yard we planted an aristocrat pear tree that we bought last year. Then we hacked and hopefully fixed a badly overgrown hibiscus bush. If it doesn't fix it then we'll have to replace it. Also the very back corner of the lot we had to chop on a old arborvitae, I really hope it lives.

still have a few more things to plant here and there and there's a ton of flowers to move around to new places. work, work, work!  love it! =)


May 13, 2011

our back yard =)

Ok this is gonna be long and drawn out but here's our backyard =)

Yellow letters 1st
  • A - fire pit
  • B - swing
  • C - clothes line
  • D - shed
  • E - mini shed
  • F - chicken coop & run
  • G - rabbit hutches
  • H - firewood
  • I - compost bin
  • J - willow tree
  • K - tire pots
  • L - blueberry plant
  • M - grape vines
  • N - Williamette raspberry
  • O - Latham Red raspberry
  • P - Williamette raspberry
  • Q - Heritage, Jewel, & Fall Gold raspberries 
  • R - Carapho blackberry
  • S - Ebony King blackberry
  • T - Carapho blackberry
  • U - Ebony King blackberry
  • V - Christmas tree from 2010
  • W - thornless blackberries transplanted from neighbor

Pink letters now - rows go right to left
  • A - tomatoes - Roma, Early Girl, Black Prince, Lemon Boy, Yellow Pear, Yellow Cherry X2, Mr. Stripey
  • B - tomatoes - Heinz seeds, Rutgers, rainbow heirloom mix, tigerella, large red cherry, tiny tim, Pink Brandywine
  • C - peppers - Bonnie Green Bell, Mexibell, Big Early Bell, Yummy Bell, Gypsy, Sweet Red Cherry, Anaheim, Pimento
  • D - peppers - Peter peppers, Kalidescope, green bell
  • E - Peas
  • F - Bluelake 274 beans
  • G - Bush Kentucky Wonder beans
  • H - Broccoli Waltham 29
  • I - every other one - Flat Dutch late cabbage, Dwarf Improved Brussel Sprouts
  • J - iceberg A, romaine lettuce
  • K - Honey & Cream corn
  • L - cucumbers - Parisian, Little Dillicious
  • M - Zucchini
  • N - Celery

And there are still lots more things to plant! I'm so happy we are able to even do all this in our yard =)