August 5, 2011

figures, lists, and numbers

I've been thinking about all the different things we need to add to our preps. I've got lists in my head for short term & long term -- buy now & buy later -- nice to have & NEED to have. Then come the lists that are the prices of each item and certain places to get them.


So my goal is to keep things simple. Main idea pick an item, figure up how much we need of that item and how long I want to keep it/re-buy it. The items I pick have to be something that I don't think we can lived without (usually the kids & Darkside help with this).

Things we NEED should be stored as long term as we can afford or at least as long as I can say without sounding too crazy LOL Money is tight (real tight!) so items that I can't get with my food stamps have to wait till we have more money or tax time.

First up - water. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT! We had a emergency end of June/start of July this year that I've yet to post about where we learned how bad we've let our water storage decline. We also learned how poorly we were prepared for a long term shortage. So this month I'm planning on fixing that as much as possible.

Long term plan -- buy 6, 55 gallon water storage containers and connect them in some way so that it will be easy to cycle the water when needed and also so that we can use it easily. I would also like to have some sort of siphon or pump to use with these just in case the power is out. 6 x 55 gal = 330 gal or roughly 1 drum per person which should last 27 days. Now to be completely honest that wont work like that because we do have animals that we also need water for but it's a decent start.

Short term plan -- buy about $100 worth of bottled water this month. This will be beneficial in a couple ways. For one I noticed as we were going through the emergency that the single serve bottles were best - everyone got their own and I could see who was being hogs and who wasn't. And for two since they are packaged I with an expiration date I don't have to worry about "did I write the date on this or not?". And three, it gets us semi-prepped for now. And four, worst case scenario we can always use them after we get the above system in place as back up.

Next thing - toilet paper. This is about the second most important LOL! This is also something that will have to wait till later because of lack of money. But here's the goal - 2 years worth of tp, one we're using and one for storage. With the ultimate goal of constantly having 1 year's worth put up. Now I was trying to figure this up and it's kinda difficult. Let me spell it out =)

We currently have 6 people in our home -- 3 girls, 3 boys. At anytime this number can fluctuate. We have one girl who is very pre-puberty and refuses to wipe (I've come close to beating her but what good would that do?!). We also have the variable of sicknesses, future in-laws, current in-laws, more kids, and company to figure in. We do not buy paper towels or tissues but use tp as a double duty for these things.

So our normal 24 pack lasting almost 3 weeks will not be likely to count on in my opinion. I think a 24 pack every 2 weeks is a better figure. So that means for 1 yr = 26 and 2 yrs = 52. Each one costs (right now) with tax $6.96 but I like round numbers so $7. So to buy what I need for 2 yrs to get started I'll need $364 and the round numbers thing plus a possibility of inflation makes that into $375.

Now on top of that I also need to store this in a way that will preserve it as much as possible from moisture and rodents. That's an additional amount. I'm thinking plastic tubs -- but they aren't water/moisture tight and the price is high. So my other idea is buckets -- I think it'll cost too much for little amount stored. Last idea I have is a plastic trash can which may not be completely water tight but I could put them in a bag inside the trash can. Big plastic trash cans only cost about $15 and can hold alot I would think -- like maybe 3-4 ~ 24 packs? But again that still means 13 trash cans which  is $195!

I just don't know yet need to think more on this! And for now that's all the time I have =)


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