August 1, 2011

KISS concert

That's my husband (back left) and my oldest son (back right) and my oldest daughter (front center) right before they hit the road to go see KISS in concert at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center in Springfield, IL on July 18th.

My husband is a HUGE fan of Gene Simmons and KISS, has been for about 20 years ever since they were in the area then. He has all kinds of memorabilia, a tattoo, and he even named our oldest son after Gene Simmons! So when we heard that they were coming back to Springfield while on tour this year I knew I had to get him tickets!

They were not cheap either! And this was for bad seats but...... I couldn't let him pass this opportunity. =)  We asked the kids who wanted to go and who could pass. They all said they wanted to, of course! The 2 younger ones  I decided should wait. I also didn't want to go so I could stay home with them. I'm not a HUGE fan of KISS, plus with my back they way it is now I just don't know if I could have made it in line. It wasn't a huge deal for me to miss it but I did want to see how excited my husband got heehee!

In this picture you can probably see the excitement on everyone's faces but if you look close my husband and oldest son are a tad less excited. That's cause number 1 - my husband HATES crowds passionately! and number 2 - in Feb 2010 I won tickets from the local TV station to go see WWE. My husband and oldest son went as they are the biggest wrestling fans in the house. It sucked for the most part. Oh they liked the opportunity to go and finally see in person but the pizzazz that is shown on TV wasn't there in Springfield. So they thought that KISS may suck a little with their whole stage show. SO NOT TRUE!!

KISS rocked their butts off! They did the whole she-bang too -- pyro, fireworks, confetti, everything!

Needless to say they came home half deaf, dead camera batteries, a full SD card of videos and pictures, and with a brand new deeper love for KISS! Even my daughter who normally only likes pop diva music LOL!

I hate spending money but you know what? Sometimes it's so worth it!

$160 - 3 nose bleed KISS tickets
    25 - concert Tshirt & bandana
    15 - gas to drive to Springfield
going to a KISS concert = PRICELESS!


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