September 15, 2011

7 day challenge 2011 -- day 1

Ok it's that time again! So excited!! Every year Food Storage Made Easy does a 7 day challenge to practice and check if all your preps are in order. With this challenge you use, check, and practice your skills and stores of food and supplies. Every year it's held in Sept since it's national preparedness month. It's as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. We usually go in the middle for most days then there are few we go way over on and a few we go way relaxed on.

My only grip is that it seems to always hit my oldest son's birthday! Poor kid =(  But with 2 kids having birthdays in Sept it's bound to happen with one or the other.

Every day there is a scenario given with a set of stipulations - regular and advanced. At the end of the day you can fill out a report card to keep as a guide of what you need to buy or work on. Everyday has some basic set rules, they are --

  • No going to a store, or spending any money for the entire 7 days! 

Ok on to today's challenge! =)

sanitation crisis

A natural disaster occurred a number of days ago. Power has been restored, but you still don’t have access to your sewage systems. You don’t know how long you will be without water so you do not want to waste your supply by flushing it down the toilet … AND it’s about time you shower. You can’t put it off any longer.

Today’s Goal: Learn about and use proper sanitation practices in a crisis

Here's my report card for today -

Quite honestly we didn't do the actual challenge. Today was my oldest son's 18 birthday. I spent the day showering him with love & attention, getting him registered to vote, trying to get his license (will finish tomorrow!), getting him his 1st tattoo!, and watching him buy his 1st pack of cigarettes (for me!). We snapped a ton of pictures and had lots of fun! Unfortunately we didn't get to go the strip club but that was on the agenda LOL!

We did go through this same type of situation in May so it's still fresh in our minds. We've actually lived without running water and sewer for over a month in the past 2 years. We learned alot and perfected our methods then. I'm not saying it can't be tweaked because it can be, of course! But I have no doubt we would of made it through today with no problems =)

Can't wait till tomorrow's challenge although I'm not sure how much we'll be able to participate =(  We have a busy day tomorrow planned. But if it's something really interesting that we're not able to do we'll do it the 1st day after the challenge is over. We had to do that one other year.


September 13, 2011


Yep that's how things have been going here at the speed of light! Let me try to say some of the stuff =)

To start with my mom has been staying with us off and on now for about a month. Don't get me wrong I love having my mom here but it's very draining also! She's always busy - up cleaning or something. 15 years ago I loved it when she came to visit because my house would be so clean afterwards. Now I just think - why not sit and talk for awhile?

On the job front - Gene got 2 paper routes. Well actually we all got 2 paper routes since they are across town and Darkside has to drive him there. Alexis and Eddie has also been helping him too.

But that has made Darkside and I miss out on sleep. Plus Darkside had to tell his job that he can only work certain hours which made his check even smaller. So then I decided to start back selling Avon. But to be honest I've been wanting to for awhile anyway =)

Then we found out last week that there was a vendor event here in town on Saturday. So we decided it would be a great time for Alexis to sell some of her hats & scarves so she can raise money to ship the rest to Pine Ridge Reservation. She had over 90 hats and about 20 scarves! Over 2 totes full which is very heavy! It cost $20 for the booth and she needed $20 for change - when she came home she had that money back plus $15.50. She was so happy! She also got a special order for a scarf and a lady said she had some yarn she no longer needed that she would donate to her. Oh and she also got to meet another girl she's been texting for the first time.

Ummm........ we've gotten more rabbits and still have 3 babies left. Our does are bred now and we're about 1 week away from kindle time. And we bought another hutch too.

We've been getting bigger eggs everyday. Still have a hen that likes to peck them though. We average 8 - 10 eggs a day which is pretty good with 10 hens. Also we're down to 1 rooster (FogHorn) because I was able to find someone on freecycle that wanted the australop rooster we had.

We had all but one of our goldfish die - so we've got new ones. I bought me a male betta - he's blue and still nameless =(

We got a new puppy yesterday - he's so cute! Half lab, half german sheppard. We've named him Roofus. He was born on May 2 this year.

Mice and/or rats continue to be a terrible problem for us here. I put out some poison even though I hated to since we have the 3 cats but I just couldn't do nothing. Stupid cats aren't helping! I've threatened to not feed them but I just don't think that will help LOL  We're not real close to fields but I know that don't matter. I've seen the farmers out starting to harvest so the mouse population will rise I'm sure. Wish me luck!

Ok that's all the updates on the animals & jobs. Next I'll tackle the plants =)