November 10, 2011

Man I am so tired of running out of time constantly! We've been trying to go to a nearby town now for 2 days -- this town is only 1.5 hours away, not that it matters cause I've not got out of town yet!

We have plastic that we need to get on the rabbit hutches & chicken shed to weatherize it -- been trying to get that done for 3 weeks!

Then we still need to get the wood stove put in. Running this furnace is NOT going to be cheap but we have been for about 2 weeks.

Right now I'm looking at a bucket of parsley that's wilting on the table - it just got cut yesterday! There's been about 8 nights that have dropped beyond frost points.

The house is a COMPLETE mess -- not even gonna think about the yard! There's no way everything is ready for winter out there.

Too much to do and never enough time! wish me luck that's for sure!


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