November 20, 2011

slowly working it

Well I didn't word it correctly obviously and now I'm going to be going there on Tuesday. At least I'm not too busy then.

We went out Sat nite and had a blast! First we went to some friends' house for about an hour - then we headed up to the bar. I drank WAY too much but we had lots of fun and that's all that counts =)

Then I got up before I should have and got told by my oldest daughter that a chicken hawk was trying to get my rooster =( So the chickens had to be put up all day. I hope tomorrow or Tuesday I'll be able to build a roof like enclosure so they can safely go outside.

Oh and go figure we've decided to move again. Maybe I'm meant to be a nomad?! Oh well. I really like our yard here but can't stand the neighborhood, neighbors, pests, problems with the house, and I am soooo done with this town. Don't ask me why I was dying to move back here 3 years ago! I must of forgot the bad parts of living here. I sure do remember them now though.

This time we're looking at going closer to the Mississippi River but stay within driving distance of here. No far off places! We need to be able to come back easily -- like an hour or so trip.

sooooo we're looking but still got a couple of months =)

And tonight I started thawing 2 turkeys and cooking 1 -- by the end of the week I'll be sick of smelling bird cooking LOL!


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