November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving & stuff

BBQ wienies - some of our hor dourves

Well we got through Thanksgiving ok. Only thing we ran out of was cool whip and the only thing that didn't turn out was the noodles. And actually the noodles were probably ok but the broth on the other hand was NOT! My mom was here to help & eat with us. SR also was here to eat, although I practically had to force him to come =(

Later that night we went out to a few Black Friday sales and got some much needed things that was on sale for real cheap. I got a new griddle, blender, food processor, printer, thumb drive, blank DVDs, and some towels. This has been a real rough year for us on appliances. Actually it's been a rough couple years on them! In the last 3 years we've replaced -- 5 food processors, 5 stoves, 5 refrigerators, 2 crock pots, tons of can openers, 4 griddles, 4 electric skillets, 1 microwave and right now I'm in need of a washer!

I think it's the way they are manufactured or something because we've also went through a ton of electronics too.

But anyway. We also got the kids some Christmas presents but just a select few. Normally I'd be spouting how we're going to do very few presents for Christmas -- "no reason for such an excess!". This year I've not been saying that. Oddly no one has even noticed. We just don't have the money for stuff this year.

Normally I say that we're doing minimal but we still break our necks to get everything we can - this usually amounts to about $300-$500 plus with their grandparents & local organizations helping the kids make out like bandits! This year the local organizations did sign-up in secret or something because we missed the deadlines. Plus it doesn't help that older kids always get over looked here so I don't think it would of done much good to sign up anyhow for 3 out of 4 of the kids.

And both grandparents are currently broke because of Soc Sec screwing them out of their benefits (temporarily). SR is lucky and has some money put up for this type of thing. But my mom is having to stay with HER mom (who also lives off Soc. Sec.) and us because she doesn't have any savings.

But anyway. I have a bad feeling that this will be a meager Christmas. I'm positive my kids won't mind - in fact they have already said there isn't much they'd like to receive anyway =)  It just weights heavy on my mind though.

What else........

Oh yeah we went to the surprise birthday party. It was alot of fun! Real relaxed and I think that my friend really appreciated it. It's always nice to have your efforts appreciated.

Last week we also worked a day of overtime -- it SUCKED!!  Let me be honest here. Currently for income we are doing newspaper routes - we have been off and on for about 4 months. In the beginning we had 2 routes but after 2 months we gave them up. After a week we picked them back up for another 2 weeks, then dropped them again. A couple weeks after that we picked up a new route. It's a rather big route - more than our 2 old routes put together! Last week we got the chance to pick up another semi-large route. At the same time we were also offered (from a different guy, same company) to substitute 2 routes that is HUGE when put together. We know we're low on money and Christmas is coming so we said yes to both offers. ummm...yea. We just about killed ourselves! It was over 300 papers! It took over an hour to roll them all up and over 4 hours to deliver them.

It's very little income but hey it's something. And hopefully after this week we'll also have some unemployment too. Oh and I have a few ideas on how to make money but I have to find the customers LOL  Kinda hard when everyone you know is broke like you.


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