February 14, 2015

valentine's day goodies

here's the  treat I made for my husband for Valentine's --- it was SUPER GOOD!


We've had a great day so far =)

February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day preps

well the youngest daughter and I are getting things ready for Valentine's Day.

I'm making chocolate covered bacon with salt sprinkles on top for my youngest son. He'll be in heaven and I sure hope that he don't have a heart attack afterwards! He's not in the best health even tho he's only just turned 17. If he eats pepperoni - JUST ONE SLICE - he'll have chest pains afterwards o.O  Must get him to the Dr soon =/

For my husband I am planning on making him peanut butter bars =)

My youngest daughter has been cutting out hearts like crazy to hang from the ceiling. She also went with her dad to the store and bought me something but it's secret for now =)

Our menu will be BBQ chicken and weanies plus I'm sure we'll also have something chocolaty for desert!

tomorrow will be another great day of love :D


February 12, 2015


I'm worried that I screwed up our taxes =(  I sure hope not but our refund should of been approved by now and it's not been o.O

Well I guess there's a first time for everything lol This is one of those things I wish my Mom was here to help me with. She and my stepfather was audited once and she'd know what to do.

So many things that I wish my Mom was here for and I'm sure there will be a ton more.

next Tuesday it will be 7 months since she died - still hurts the same as the day it happened.
they say it gets easier but it hasn't so far.


February 9, 2015

crafting and making money?

got the beeswax I ordered off of ebay today - gonna try my hand at drawing salve again =)  last time it didnt work the best - too much wax last time. plus I was using paraffin wax which was probably not the healthiest anyhow.

I also got the pipes from amazon too! I know this sounds crazy since we don't smoke weed but I am gonna make some money by customizing weed pipes with clay. I sure hope it works too. I bought them for about $1 a piece and after buying clay, plus my time, I'm hoping to sell them for about $5 each. With all the people we've met here being potheads I'm sure hoping I can start a little business =)

Hard tellin tho. I've crocheted a ton of stuff and not sold anything yet - not that I've actually tried yet either lol  Jewelry, on the other hand, I've made a ton of it and even have it listed on etsy and still no sales.

Oh well I do it for SOMETHING TO DO not really to make any money =)


February 5, 2015

try this again.......

well I'm gonna give this a shot again it's been a LONG time but oh well. I wont even begin to say everything thats happened in the last 3 years - I'll save those stories for a rainy day! but I'm back in the saddle to try this blogging thing again =)

today has been decently productive. I finished crocheting Mr. Fox - it's a birthday present for my soon to be 17 yr old son. I told him it was for me and so he should be quite shocked.

I also filled our taxes and same said son's taxes. Thats the last of the taxes I need to do this year so my tax season is now over, thankfully! well unless there's a dreaded audit! *please not me!*

Made canned biscuit doughnuts for breakfast today. It's been a real long time since I've made or ate them and they were pretty good =)

Also here on the home front we're dealing with what used to be my Mom's cat in heat for the first time since she had babies last August. I was hoping to get my tax refund in before this happened so I could get her into the vet but sadly no. So now I have to wait till she's not in heat to send her in. I'm hoping *fingers crossed!* that her 2 female kittens dont go into heat now too.

Going into the vets I have 1 momma cat & her 3 kittens (1 male, 2 females) and 3 male dogs. I hope when we're done things around here will be less sex filled! lol Of course the vet will be rich after my visit........ but I guess they got to eat too =)