February 9, 2015

crafting and making money?

got the beeswax I ordered off of ebay today - gonna try my hand at drawing salve again =)  last time it didnt work the best - too much wax last time. plus I was using paraffin wax which was probably not the healthiest anyhow.

I also got the pipes from amazon too! I know this sounds crazy since we don't smoke weed but I am gonna make some money by customizing weed pipes with clay. I sure hope it works too. I bought them for about $1 a piece and after buying clay, plus my time, I'm hoping to sell them for about $5 each. With all the people we've met here being potheads I'm sure hoping I can start a little business =)

Hard tellin tho. I've crocheted a ton of stuff and not sold anything yet - not that I've actually tried yet either lol  Jewelry, on the other hand, I've made a ton of it and even have it listed on etsy and still no sales.

Oh well I do it for SOMETHING TO DO not really to make any money =)


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