February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day preps

well the youngest daughter and I are getting things ready for Valentine's Day.

I'm making chocolate covered bacon with salt sprinkles on top for my youngest son. He'll be in heaven and I sure hope that he don't have a heart attack afterwards! He's not in the best health even tho he's only just turned 17. If he eats pepperoni - JUST ONE SLICE - he'll have chest pains afterwards o.O  Must get him to the Dr soon =/

For my husband I am planning on making him peanut butter bars =)

My youngest daughter has been cutting out hearts like crazy to hang from the ceiling. She also went with her dad to the store and bought me something but it's secret for now =)

Our menu will be BBQ chicken and weanies plus I'm sure we'll also have something chocolaty for desert!

tomorrow will be another great day of love :D


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