April 9, 2015

some of my health remedies

Alright! First I should say what I do and what you do WILL be different - do your own research and trust your own judgement. This won't be all of my "remedies" but this is some of them =)

AND they all ain't herbal but they are all things I swear by! Also generic is always interchangeable with name brands as far as I've noticed.

  1. Claritin (loratadine) - this will cure most "allergy" or seasonal type problems and the great thing is - if it don't help, it won't hurt neither! no side effects either way.
  2. loperamide (anti diarrhea) - this is a life saver! and I've not noticed any side effects when used according to package directions.
  3. glucosamine - some brands and doses will work better for different individuals - but it will work! needs to be taken religiously although you can decide what the dose & schedule is.
  4. Neem pills - effective male birth control - my boys take 1 capsule (nature's way brand) a day. also VERY helpful for teen acne, same dose does both. should take a break every 4-6 months for a month. not for young kids - I recommend 15+ yrs old.
  5. Ginger capsules or hard candies - works wonderfully for upset stomachs. I cant handle the candies so I only do the caps but works great! chronic upset stomach especially while eating should be checked with a physician! yes the ginger helps but your just covering up something important if its chronic! yes it DID work for my husband but it also almost killed him because he was suffering from a badly infected, clogged gallbladder!
  6. Tea Tree Oil - will clear up almost any infection - especially acne - but stinks to high heaven! DON'T INGEST! be careful about putting this in your mouth or very tender sensitive areas (pubic region) <~~ don't ask! lol
  7. Vitex (chaste berry) pills - the cure all for woman problems - USE WITH EXTREME RESERVE! this does work and will work quickly - within a day of taking 1-2 caps. having your monthly for too long? use this! haven't had your monthly in a long time (and not pregnant)? use this! bleeding heavy? use this! pretty much take one and it will cure your woman problems. can be taken long term to help with infertility - do research. there are studies saying that your body can become dependent on this to do what it's supposed to so that's why I say use with extreme reserve. has only failed in one instance but that had to be cured with strong medication and surgery. can also be used as an abortifacient - do not use during pregnancy unless you research! ¹
  8. Saw Palmetto - works great for females who have very slight problems with male pattern hair growth - within a short time there is no more hair in problem areas. one cap every couple days.
  9. White Oak Bark - works well for helping rid the body internally of infection. still practicing to see how much is needed and how often.
  10. Garlic capsules - this is a new one I'm trying out for infections

For my dogs I mixed up a ear oil that works better than anything I got from the stores. It has Jojoba oil, tea tree oil, lavendar oil, sweet orange oil and some olive oil. My german sheppard/lab mix has itchy ears and this in his ears once every couple months helps end all the scratching, sores and whining that follows.

ok that's all for now. I'm sure I forgot something but it'll have to wait till next go around =)


 ¹ a good site to do some research on abortifacients or herbal abortions is http://www.sisterzeus.com/Abortif.htm

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