September 16, 2015

living water

Sometimes in life your left in a predicament where you don't have hot water available to you. Hopefully this post will help you or someone you know if this is something that your living without.

  1. make sure your truly without hot water! most important thing! check the pilot light - turn off the breaker then turn back on - do all possible maintenance/troubleshooting on the hot water heater
  2. when that don't work then break out the pans. boiling water on the stove then using it for baths, dishes, etc is the first thing that usually will help you with your lack of hot water.
  3. don't have access to a stove? 
    1. try using a plug in burner/hot plate
    2. electric skillet
    3. use a coffee pot
    4. electric tea kettle
    5. microwave
    6. propane grill (especially if it has a side burner)
    7. the sun
    8. drop in water tank heater (farm supply store)
  4. last but not least look into buying a new hot water heater

1. If your not sure on how to troubleshoot your hot water heater to make sure it's really dead then do some Google searches (electric hot water heater troubleshooting, natural gas hot water heater not heating up, etc.) You can call someone to give you an estimate on repairs or call your landlord if you rent. Make sure you ask for a FREE estimate, even if you have money to pay for the estimate! Most companies/repair people will offer a free estimate. No estimate should be you need a new hot water heater and I can do it for $xxxx.xx -- there should be options of fixing and/or replacing. Always beware of crooks!

2. Boiling water on the stove can be a tedious process even when there are no problems - worse if there are spills! Make sure to use the biggest pans you have available but DO NOT use canners! The amount of time and energy it takes to make a canner boil water is wasted when compared to using even a small sauce pan. Make sure to wash your pans every 10 times or everyday which ever comes first. Use vinegar and salt to help remove mineral build up on the pans. If you don't it will form a concrete like thickness on your pans that will not come off, learn from my mistakes! Use extreme caution when walking with pans of boiling water - especially watch out for little kids and animals.

#### Always add boiling water to water that is already in the tub/sink/etc so that you get the maximum from each pan. Boiling water can always be transported in a bucket rather than the pan used to boil it.####

3. There are always alternatives to using a stove to heat up water. The major thing to know is that any device you use will be inferior to a stove. In some instances though an alternative is a better choice. If you don't have a working stove then that's one reason it's better. Another reason it may be better is if your stove is on a different level than your tub. Safety of transporting boiling water should always be number one. The best and easiest alternative to using a stove is to fill up the receptacle or a container with water and leaving it sit. Even at room temperatures in the winter time the water will end up warmer than coming straight out of the pipes. If its in a container and sitting in direct sunlight it will warm up considerably more.
*** when using the microwave to heat water I would use plastic butter bowls and I would heat up the water then put bowl and all into the water you have waiting and start another bowl in the microwave switching out before you pour the new batch of hot water in. this way the heat that the plastic bowl has retained can be used to your benefit. you could use glass bowls but I would be very careful at the beginning because quick temp changes to glass can make it shatter!***

4. And last but not least look into buying a new hot water heater. If you don't have enough money to buy a new hot water heater then you should try looking locally for a used one. Try asking local plumbers or people who sell hot water heaters if they have any working used ones for sell. Try checking the local paper, Craigslist, or Facebook swap groups. Used furniture type shops are also options - they get options to buy all types of things. It also might be a good idea to look into getting a tank-less hot water heater - try searching on eBay or Amazon. The cheapest ones start at about $125. We stressed for years over whether or not to go tank-less and finally just took the plunge (pun not intended!). We bought one of Amazon for about $189 (3.5 gallon flow rate?) and for a family of 5 (at that time) it worked great. We don't even have problems with super cold water that comes into our house in the winter time. We take showers for how ever long we want! And if your really not sure if you want to convert your whole house over then just try it out on your kitchen sink. At least then you can have hot water to wash dishes & your hair and when you want a bath fill up buckets and carry them to the tub! This is what we did in the beginning as a trial.

There are many options if you currently don't have hot water. You don't have to just do without that's for sure! Hope these options give you a starting point to find the solution that works for you and your family! =)


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