August 1, 2016

Another throw together soup

Well I'm hungry and once again throwing together another soup, go figure. Chances you have any of these ingredients is slim but maybe you can see how my mind works.

a little oil
small onion (golf ball size), diced

Cook it a little. Add in:

spoon of diced garlic
pinch of thyme

Cook it a short time - don't burn it! Add 2 cans of drained sweet peas. Cook some more. LOL

Then I added about a half gallon water, dried veggie package from some sort of ramen noodles, 2 Tbsp of chicken rice seasoning (will have to share that recipe soon), and a package of ranch dip mix that is supposed to be made with Greek yogurt. Oh and a sprinkling of pepper.

Once it's boiling add in some sort of noodle or rice. I'm using LA Moderna brand short noodle. Cook while stirring till the noodles are mostly done then add cream of something. I'm using cream of celery.

Cook till your ready to eat then top with a sprinkling of parsley and a quarter cup of Parmesan cheese.

Yeah. My shelves are near empty and I'm hungry. It's edible.

June 1, 2016

ok so...

That idea was too much but oh well. Try to jump on the horse again here with this blogging lol.
Doing this from my new phone - not ideal btw - but I do have a new (to me) laptop that my son got me which will be my usual way to post. 

I've been crocheting and reading a lot these past few months. 

While crocheting I watch TV shows on Netflix a lot - binge watching. I got into and finished all of star trek the next generation! So right now I'm trying to get through ST: deep space 9. It's going better than trying to watch the original series lol I gave that up by episode 22. 

I've actually went through tons of shows come to think of it! 

But anyway that's all for now. I'll try to figure out how to post a picture of the last thing I crocheted