February 16, 2006


Talk about frustrating! I spent all day messing with this stupid thing just to get it all the way I wanted It should of only took me about 45 mins. Oh well, it's done now.

I did all this just so I could say hey to some old friends without them being confused over whos who.

I finally finished putting up the newsletter that I've been putting off since the end of Dec. It's nothing to do just now I need to email the lady over it and tell her (finally) that I moved. What sucks is not only do I have to tell her, the last time we talked I had just moved and I've actually moved 2 times since! It really gets people all screwed up when you move so much. Not that moving was all that terrible or anything - well I don't do much LOL! But I still have to make a graphic for this edition, that shouldn't be too hard.

But now I need to get to work on the hubby's page. I'm still not done redo-ing it and now I need to update it! I really need to stop putting things off.

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