April 5, 2010

my birthday & Easter

Here's some pictures from my birthday which I'm lucky this year and it fell on Easter! enjoy! =)

my cake - 2 versions =)

some of my birthday presents

Had a GREAT birthday and a pretty good Easter.

We ended up just doing ham salad for Easter dinner. A little un-traditional but still good. When digging for egg dye in our storage stuff I realized that after I bought 3 more boxes of dye that we HAD 3 boxes! So I told the kids every week we'll do a egg decorating day till it's all gone. There are like 75 egg wraps in there! We're going to have some pretty eggs for awhile LOL!

Darkside let me indulge in a new purchase cause I begged =)  A new cake pan -- it's a butterfly. Then he turned around and threw a fit cause I wanted to use it myself to make my birthday cake LOL! Can't help it I wanted to have fun with it first =) I LOVE my new pan! The cake was soooo beautiful without doing anything. But then I tried to decorate it --- I don't decorate cakes well. But I had some fun. I went with a lemon cake cause lemon makes me think of warm weather =)

I am so glad 30 is over! That was one rough year! I really hope 31 goes smoother, with a move already in the works I don't know if this is going to happen.


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