August 22, 2009


Been awhile since I've posted, it has been to hectic here! That and I've been too sick!

I was sick the past 2 weeks - you name it, I had it! I thought I was better this past week but nope. In fact this morning I woke up coughing - UGH!

I also had the GREAT fortune of stepping on a rusty nail last Monday. So I had to go get a tetanus booster =( Good thing about that is it didn't hurt like it did back in junior high LOL!

One by one everyone else in the house has been sick too except SR. It is truly a sad sight to see your little 5 year old girl hold her head and say - my head's hurting. =(

Well the Kaos King didn't get sick per say but did suffer a massive out break from something. He was swelled up really bad. We still don't know for sure what it was. We took him to the hospital but the quack out there spent a total of 50 seconds in the room with him so I don't think it's possible she got the diagnosis correct. She said poison sumac. But his brother was with him and didn't get it? Oh well they gave him a steriod shot and some steriod pills and that cleared him up. And once he stopped itching it has all went away.

This all happened with the Kaos King because he was hired to do some yard work for a neighbor. They even paid him $6 an hour, which he loved! I told him to let #3 go down there with him and help out. He made $20 which he put with the money he made from them earlier this year so he can buy a new mp3 player. It took me about a week to pick out the best one for his money but I finally did and it's on it's way here!

On the garden front --
Our fall garden is all planted and mostly sprouted now. I made sure and left LOTS of room between things in it LOL! Thats because I crowded so much in to the other garden and it was a pain to harvest things. I've had hardly no luck at all with the onions I planted which really sucks! The other stuff seems ok so far.

We have been pulling out all kinds of plants because they are done. So far here's the list of what we've pulled -- cucumbers (thankfully!!), zucchini, spagetti squash, corn, onions, garlic, a couple extra cabbages, some of the pumpkins (both kinds), and slowly pulling beans here and there. For some reason even though we counted the days for proper pumpkin and winter squash planting they all finished WAY early! Darkside was very upset since his pumpkins are ready now and it's not October yet!

We FINALLY are getting tons of ripe tomatoes!! And peppers too! And a couple big eggplants, too. I've made 2 batches of salsa so far =) It's so nice to have ripe tomatoes that we grew!

I also made some dilly beans -- we don't like them LOL! But we tried =) I've been pickling almost everything in sight lately. There were just too many cucumbers!

Oh then a neighbor brought down some more cause she said they couldn't use -- SURE! LOL!

Tried to be nice and give some of our abundance to a friend but he don't want it =(

We've also been trying to remodel the bathroom, which hasn't been working out the best. I've also been trying to talk SR into building another addition onto the house. The addition that I'm proposing is only 10' x 20' which don't seem like much but I think it would make so much more room here. I really need more room so I can get all my food here and not at the storage place. Everyday we think of something else that is in storage that we need to go get. There is only 2 very small food cabinets here. They are like 2' x 2' !! I have all the rest of the food stored in various spots through the house, in the van, and in the trunk of my car!

Oh and.... We are attempting to incubate some eggs!! We had 12 in there but we candled them last night and there are only 5 that might be ok. Well actually SR thinks that those 5 might be ok. Personally I think that they are duds too. I believe that the rooster is still too young or not "manly" enough! But we are going to keep trying! It would be so cool if we could hatch our own babies!

Also on the chicken front - we have decided that the broiler/fryer/whatever they are definitely HAVE to go! And I say that we are SO not ready to do our own slaughtering! I don't think SR is really wanting to do any slaughtering anyway. Plus I'm thinking that his way of slaughtering - old school - is not the way I'd like to eat my chicken. Not exactly the cleanest method of preparing, know what I mean? =)

And the nearest meat processing place that will accept chickens that I could find online is about 100 miles east of here =( So we are going to do things the easy way -- take them to the auction! LOL! We found a once a month auction that isn't too far away that does small livestock. We was wanting to go to it anyway might as well make some money too! But really even if we have to give the stupid things away it'll be better than nothing! They eat tooo much!

Ok I'll stop now - this is WAY long as it is! That's the update so far though =)


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