May 3, 2010

new recipe - fish tacos

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Now I'm not sure if many people know this or not but Darkside & I don't like eating fish. So we make ourselves eat it about 4 times a year for the sake of the kids. Usually just fish sticks or a beer battered fish fillet.

But last year Long John Silver's had that whole promo for a free Baja fish taco, that changed everything! Had they only gave us one we might of not fell in love but nope they gave us 2 each! We were in love. But that still didn't do too much to change things cause that just meant I had to go buy them -- not make them. Till last week.

So here's the recipe we tried Fish Tacos with Chipotle Sauce which I knew was going to be great - all of hers are great! Of course we did things different =) Here's the recipe & our changes:

1st - she fried her fish herself, we used frozen fish fillets -- this is because of funds available, next time I will try frying my own. We did cook the fillets with the Old Bay seasoning though to mirror what she used

1/2 cup sour cream ---- we used 1/2 cup of sour cream, mayo, & plain yogurt  (we're saucy LOL!)
1 Tbsp lime juice --- we used 3 Tbsp
several spoons of adobe sauce from the chipotle peppers - too much for us! plus it didn't have much sauce
cilantro -- NO!! I hate it!
slaw mix -- we already had some shredded cabbage so we used that
corn tortillas - we used flour tortillas
shredded cheddar cheese - yep! =)


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