May 24, 2010


DRAMA -- this is why I don't associate with family except in the casual way!

Now lets see how hard it is to type this up with my long nails LOL!

I got a text from Kristi this morning telling me to call if I was up, since I was -- ring, ring! This is how 95% of all the drama in my family starts! (the phone, not Kristi..........although......LOL!)

She says "Your Mom told me not to say anything but I didn't want you mad at me later so I'm telling you anyway." (famous last words LOL!)

now pay attention cause if you don't then you'll get lost! I ALMOST did and I know the people!

Jenny & Dotty (cousins) told Arlene (their mom & my aunt) who then got mad too and told Grandma to tell my Mom to tell Kristi (my sil) to tell me that -- they wanted me to take their F'ing pictures off my facebook, didn't I know that was dangerous?


  1. and foremost -- I have every legal right to post any pictures that I have copyright to anywhere I want. In fact I can do any little thing I want with them -- even sell them! And there ain't a FREAKING thing you can do about it.
  2. Did you honestly believe that as a graphic design artist I wouldn't know copyright law? Everyone in the family has no problem bringing their digital image issues for me to fix so it's not a secret by any means. Oh, I know, because none of you actually make sure your doing something the CORRECT way, I'm the same -- NOT! 
  3. The pictures in question are over 20 years old!
  4. The pictures are not of them in compromising attire or positions  - not that it would change my copyright ownership!
  5. The pictures are also not labeled with their full names, not that it matters.
  6. My brother and I are included in each picture -- duh the whole point in WHY I posted them.
  7. If the message had to be sent via the grape vine at least it could have been a polite one! Tone of voice and choice of words really does play a part of how people CHOOSE to deal with you.
And the most important thing to mention --- if you SEEN them on my facebook then that means you could have commented and said it your damn self! If your so damn ballsy to send a whiny demand through some one else then you should of stepped up! bring. it. on.

Also, I find it hilarious that people who are completely noobs are attempting to tell me about what is dangerous online!  I know that I'm no expert and could make a wrong choice with the things that I post online but I have been doing this for over 10 years I know for a FACT that I am far more intelligent than ANY of you on security and privacy issues online.

And I have something for everyone who likes to go talking to tell my Grandma since she wanted to make the comment to my Mom - "why is it I always have to hear about all the problems your kids are causing"   She obviously has me messed up in her mind with one of the other mess ups within that family. She has NEVER had anyone telling her something about me EVER. remember - I'm not a mess up!

Because everyone in that family obviously hasn't picked up on it - let me say it as plainly as I can -- the ONLY thing we share is blood. I don't care about or participate in your mafia style of family life. I. AM. DONE.

I have been for sometime. couldn't you tell? that's right you don't care HA!

NONE of you people wanted to help me when I needed it most although I have attempted to extend the same to you. NONE of you even bothered to CARE about my life or welfare EVER. So I refuse to care about you as well. (look up the word welfare to fully understand it, it doesn't just mean a check from the government!)


Now that I have internalized the rest of what I wanted to say - with the words I want to use but can't because I don't want to offend others, I'll end this.

Especially since I now do not have two free hands because one of the great things I've learned from this great family is -- when the going gets rough pick up something, pick anything as long as it's unhealthy. So as I pick up yet another bag of chips to shove down hurt feelings and the feeling of rejection from what are supposed to be my loved ones -- think of this (if your from my family) -- what is it you pick up that heals these problems? a bottle? a baggie? a cheap date?

Whatever you do don't pick up the phone to call me cause you don't have my number & I won't answer! Plus it's just RUDE to eat while on the phone =)


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