February 17, 2007

new stuff

Well I'm still sick I think it's moved to a new section of my lungs or something. I quit smoking & am using a patch. Anyone who knows me knows I must be REALLY, REALLY bad off to stop smoking.

But some good news is we got our new computers!! Well........we got the desktop processor but the monitor for it & my laptop is on it's way, should be here Thursday --- WOOHOO!! I can't wait! I've almost got everything off our old computer onto the new one - but then I need to re-install all our programs on this one. Vista is pretty neat - especially going from ME to it.

Next on my agenda is to figure out how to network these two computers together. I have NO clue on how to network anything together so it should be fun to learn about. This new computer didn't come with a restart/format CD so I hope I don't screw up too much LOL!


**edited to add that we also won a camcorder on eBay so we'll be making videos soon too LOL!

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