May 17, 2007


well it does! this hasn't been a great week or even month for us. Here's what all has happened -

to start with Darkside's job sucks! His hours are all over the place & very few at that! Like I'm talking anywhere from 20 to 40 hours in 2 weeks! UGH! And he also is supposed to be getting his big quarter raise this month for working there a year - whoopee. Especially when min wage will go up on 7/1 to a higher amount than that!

Then my mom She's somehow managed to get a truck - a 4X4 extended cab w/ shell - that works fine! - on payment with no down payment or even set payments!!! This has been a bitter pill for me to swallow gracefully!

PawPrint is pregnant AGAIN!! it's probably too soon so they might die too! side note - our cat PawPrint who just turned a year old last month had a liter of kittens that were born too early (1 month along) and they all died - 8 in all. It's sad cause you can't do anything but just sit there.

Darkside's idol has fallen in his standings with Darkside. This was a sad day too.

We got a side job painting the outside of a building (got a couple other things to do there too). This is the building that I want to buy - UGH!

Plus to top it all off - I believe we have come to the sad realization that maybe we should of moved back to Iowa in Feb. This has been the most difficult. Cause last year we thought about it in May also.

I've become soft with taking chances & moving - that's all. Cause ya know it's scary to take everything you have and go to a place where you know there's a good chance you won't make it. Especially when your sitting in a house that you almost own, with employment (however shitty!) in place.

Plus we really miss our old friends that moved up there last Aug. It was really nice to have other people to drink with that had kids too - not even counting all the other things in common! Also with them gone - no roleplaying We was kinda getting back into it after not doing it for about 5 years.

Yea it's cry for me day LOL!

Um some good things about this week -

we've been going to bed early & getting up early.
Got the chicken coop done - looks GREAT!
This friday we're supposed to have a cookout - WOOHOO! I'm planning on getting smashed LOL!
I just found a good program for Darkside to burn all his movies he d/l'ed.
I've bought some cheap cigs from MO - WOOHOO! Saved about $70!!
We've set up a meeting place to visit with some friends & my brother in Iowa so we're not just down here in the dark. It'll be fun too!
Bought Darkside his very own 1st domain!! and we almost got it up and going over there.
Sally's website is almost ready too - WOOHOO!!

all in all I guess it'll be ok but very aggravating!
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