May 20, 2007


well I've had a good day today! we got up early & went to yard sales, then went to Jerseyville. I got the kids some really nice clothes and I only spent about $12!

also today we made a decision - about time eh? LOL! we're going up to visit some friends of ours in about 2 weeks - WOO HOO!! we also decided that we're gonna move back to Iowa next year - YEA! so with this trip we're gonna kinda get the feel of Des Moines - not too sure how we'll like it but it's worth a shot. worse case scenerio we will have a good time with our friends, buy some cheap cigs in MO, and get lost once or twice!

I was talking to Robyn today and she told me she was thinking about my dad recently - ahhh! =) She said she can remember that dad called me Annabelle. I reminded her that not only did my dad call me that but her dad did too! She was laughing her ass off about how my dad always called her RobinEgg. =) She's all into a site right now that's centered around fitness and wants me to get into it too - things don't change LOL! I joined up and now to keep with it =)

I'm now doing Sally's site & John's - WOO HOO!! Getting there. Now to just get paid to do em! Oh and still getting Darkside's site up - NEVER ENDING!

that's all for now.......
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