May 27, 2007


well too start I had a bad Friday! I went to Sally's and some how almost killed her computer ~ sorry, again! And we had a issue with #1 and some kids at the park. He was crying which of course made me cry! Then as we was getting the issue taken care of I started crying again - UGH!

I HATE crying! My eyes get all red about an inch around my actual eyeball - Darkside says I get raccoon eyes LOL! But also my eyes change colors too. They change from blue to almost an ice blue/grey color which makes me look weird.

But when I get all hormonal I can't stop crying and this is how I was on Friday. It sucked!

Everything I thought I had a firm grasp on just kinda blew up in my face - this isn't a good thing! But I think I got it all under control now. I REALLY need to stop second guessing myself!


But on another front - since I got a new firm grasp on that I figured what the hell - let tackle some new things LOL! It's the turmoil that I thrive on.

So we're supposed to go visit some old friends this coming weekend - this should be FUN!! We got all kinds of good things planned

And to prepare for this trip I went researching online for some ideas - WHOA! Let me just say that for one I LOVE THE INTERNET! yes still lol!

But also - have you ever noticed that until someone tells you a name for something you just assume well I'm weird/different/quirky? But once you hear a name for it and it's explained your like - HEY that's me! And then you feel like wow I belong.

Well I had a similar experience while researching. Except mine was cause I read a new definition for a term that I already knew. When I was done - in 3 instances! - I thought wow that explained me! Cool huh?!

dontcha just wish I'd tell ya what I was reading LOL! not a chance on here! if inquiring minds want to know then you'll have to message me


oh yeah and ya know what else? I SEE YOU! I know people out there are reading my stuff and let me tell ya it'd be nice to hear a hi, how are you every once in awhile - private or in the open, makes no difference.

had to get that off my chest, so - now you know I see you and I know I see you - we're all good! HA!

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