June 10, 2007

trip to Iowa 2007

I know no one on here knew about it but we went on a little vacation this past week. We went up to Des Moines, IA - we hadn't ever been there. But now we have been and it was pretty cool. We went and seen some of the sites & got pictures.

Originally we was contemplating moving there but now we know there ain't no way in hell! That place is entirely too large for us! But it was a nice vacation anyway!

We was gone for about 4 days.

We visited some friends while there. Got smashed twice. Took LOTS of good drunk pictures LOL!

But there's still some things that I must figure out in my mind before I can post in more detail. It's just one of those things.

#2 started her period there also - she'd just die if she knew I was telling the world on here but oh well LOL! I'm officially a mom of a half grown daughter I feel so old!

We also stopped in the Quad Cities and seen my mom & brother. Got pictures there too. And then my mom went and messed up the next morning (we was gone by then) so now she's in jail. more on that mess later too.

When it rains, it pours!

I'll post the pictures tomorrow when I get up - so be on the look out!

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