June 28, 2007


Well this one will be a jump around that for sure!

First off it really sucks about Chris Benoit & his family. Ya just never know, ya know?

Well there's been a slight change to our plans - not a surprise, eh?! We decided that we're going to say the hell with it and just live in the pull-along all the time instead of just using it temporarily.

We've been thinking about it for a LONG time and almost did it in Feb of this year but chickened out LOL! And I've spent the last couple hours tonight going to different websites that are about different national parks & forests. THERE IS A TON WE WANT TO DO!!! Of course it will have to be done slowly so we can make money on the way but still - it's gonna be so much fun!

When I was young I traveled through most of the states west of IL and I've seen Indianapolis (a wild story!), IN. But Darkside has only been to IL about far east as Lincoln, north on 67 to the Quad Cities, and as far south as Hillsboro, MO just along the river from the top to St. Louis and IA to Des Moines & Cedar Rapids and SE of there! Our kids are the same way, only seen those parts. So yep LOTS to see & do

Here's my idea so far - go up to Des Moines & the Quad Cities to visit with friends & family first. Then go to New Orleans before it gets too hot, but after Mardi Gras (have to hit that some other time!). Then head to the west coast through the southern states. And come back through the northern states to end up back in the Ozarks before it gets too cold to go canoeing. And then maybe back home for the holidays?

I'm not real sure and you know that a million things may come up on the way But it's kinda like a game plan.

So all my thousands (really only 2!) of readers need to give me some ideas on some things.
1. Where have you or would you like to see if you could?
2. What are some ingenius ideas to make money on the road w/o alot of "things"? crafty, or web based maybe?

We do have some ideas on money making but they are debatable of whether or not they will sustain us. And just so ya know - NO SELF PRODUCED PORN! That was Darkside's idea LOL! not even an option.

Okay enough of that for now =)

Today we cut down 1 and a half trees. I know how a half? Well it was a maple that split into two at the base - or two that grew REALLY close together. Well we got too nervous to remove the other part cause it's right next to a power line, so it'll have to wait till later. We still have 2 jobs we need to finish outside our stuff then we'll get the last of our payments. And a possibility of a new job doing some painting is already lined up for July.

I have drastically cut back my AVON including the online store. It was nearly taking over the whole house! Not including all the time I spent on it

We are now completely land line phone free now! We're using Skype & then our net10 phone for all that. And we currently have a message system that is messing up terribly So I guess I'm gonna have to set up my voice mail on the cell phone - UGH! I hate that then I get charged to listen to them! Just as soon we get more money we'll have it all in line but ya know how that goes.....

I'm attempting to make a template & papers for digital scrapbooking - it'll be a 1st for me. I've just run out of time to do them though.

And still the never ending tasks of web design haunts me in my sleep

ok I'll quit bitchin and get back to work
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