October 11, 2007

jello shots

Well I've got a great little story for ya today - it's all about our latest party. So last Monday we were chatting with a friend and we all got an idea. Wouldn't it be great if we all got together to drink and visit on Friday? OF COURSE! So he says I'll get ahold of everyone and let you guys know who all will be coming. Well we call on Wednesday and he says - I haven't been able to get ahold of too many and the ones that I have said probably not but they'd try. Well ok not the best but I figure - hey why not send out some last minute e-vites? Can't hurt right? So I get the old PSP beast running and come up with this -

Funny as all get out huh? Well it would be if ya knew the guy LOL! But anyway..... This generated a couple more responses, so it served it's purpose.

Friday was busy as usual - being payday and all (not including our whole hafta use the car fiasco - explain later). So we go by and ask our friend if he's found out anymore and he says no, not really. So we ask - SPECIFICALLY - are you coming? because we're going to buy some beer - if he's coming, if not no big deal (this friend is a MOOOCH - his words! - so we were buying this round). He say - OF COURSE! I will definitely be there!

So we go home finish the 5 billion things that needed to be done before anyone showed up. One of which is to make more (yes more!) jello shots. So I get busy. Here's all the things I'm overseeing - #1 is cooking supper, #2 is cleaning the living room, #3 is cleaning the bathroom & doing laundry, Darkside & #4 are watching TV. I'm going through emails, d/l'ing some audiobooks, doing jello shots, making sure the first 3 are doing their jobs.

So guess what happened? I ended up getting hurt - stupid Anne! While dipping the BOILING water out of the pan and into the measuring cup I splashed a little bit of the water onto my hand - which caused me to jump, did I mention BOILING WATER? So then I spill the almost half a cup of water in my hand on ME! Right on my stomach & leg! Here's what it looks like today - almost a week later (my stomach) -

UGH! If it looks like it hurts then it probably does! And this - it HURTS!

We made a total of about 70 jello shots - I always go overboard LOL! Well every time I've made less and always run out so I was aiming for more this time.

No one showed - at all.

So only about 4 of those jello shots were ate - by me =)

Needless to say, I will NOT be making jello shots again anytime soon!

And we've also gave up on the idea of having our annual Halloween Party this year. We definitely need to find better "associates" - at least more that have manners!

I really appreciate the 4 that had the courtesy to reply. You wouldn't believe that some people don't reply even AFTER the fact. Oh well.

So since I'll not be making jello shots anytime soon, I'll share the recipe =)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~remember adults only!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEVER try to boil liquor!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jello Shots

1 package Jello
1½ cups BOILING water
½ cup desired liquor

Directions - mix the boiling water with the Jello. after a couple minutes add liquor. then pour into desired vessels - I like itty bitty plastic cups. You can use anything from ice cube trays to cups or bowls. ALWAYS USE PLASTIC! unless you want to eat the stuff with a spoon.

Some variations -

Quick Set
½ cup BOILING water, mix with Jello & liquor, then add 1 cup ice. Also you can always put them into the freezer for about 45 minutes for a quick set.

Very Potent
do the water however (reg or quick set) but use ½ cup less, then add 1 cup liquor. People who do not drink alot will puke!

just add less water than usual - like a couple tablespoons to ¼ cup less.

Good Combinations (I've tried)
  • peach & whiskey
  • lime & gin
  • black cherry & hot damn! 100 proof
  • cherry & hot damn! 100 proof
  • watermelon & vodka
  • orange & vodka
  • orange & peach schnapps
  • strawberry & vodka


well there's all my secrets LOL!

gotta go for now

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