October 2, 2007

old pictures

Well I called on Sunday. I got an answering machine - funny thing is it's the EXACT same one his dad has LOL! But anyway I left a message, it sounded pretty lame. So all day I was waiting for him to call back and wouldn't ya know it he did when I was goofing off with Darkside on the phone! But he left a message for me to call back today (Monday). Today was one of those days - you know - the kind where you think you'll go insane? So I didn't get to call him back. But I'm going to tomorrow.

I wanted to share a funny thing Darkside said the other day here to someone - who will remain nameless to save their dignity LOL! He said - "Quit thinking about my dog like that!!" LMAO!! It was PRICELESS!!

We went on Sunday and started to fix my dad's tombstone. It's going to take another trip there to finish it. It'll look better when we're done although I'm not so sure I like the color. Here's some pics (click for bigger ones) -



Also we've been doing this really cool thing, it's called PaperBack Swap. It's great cause all you have to spend is the cost to mail your books to someone! And the best part is when you join they GIVE you credits! We've got a ton of books on there right now but I'm not leaving them on there too long because we got to get them out of the house. But we've found a ton of books that we want. And the great thing is you can buy the credits for $3.45 each if you want! That's a better price than going to ebay or amazon! So we plan to buy some credits for some of the books Darkside has picked out. They are so he can finish his Ravenloft collection.

I've added buttons here on the page for PBS but just in case here's another one -

We get a credit for each person we get to sign up - which means a book for me!

ok that's all for tonight!

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