February 6, 2008

about our move

Well here it is, I'm sick. blah, blah, blah! I hope that it goes away pretty quick, but ya never know. But it's better now then later cause.........

We found a GREAT house!!

It's going to be ours when we sign the papers on the 18th - completely ours! no payments or anything! We got the greatest deal ever on a 2 story house in Iowa Falls. So our move date is pushed off by a week, but that's ok!

I know we were bouncing a bunch of ideas all year and even after this we had another idea that was all but concreted. But we just couldn't face going into a rental after all these years of owning so we checked out a few more properties and BAM!

We're so happy! So excited!

It's a nice little town, too!

Can ya tell I'm happy? LOL!

So here's our new plan -
Go to our new house, live there a couple of years - somewhere between 1 and 3 - then sell and buy a nice piece of land then.

No we've not seen the house but we've seen about a dozen pictures of it. Right off here some bad points -
  1. VERY small lot - like practically the house only
  2. outside needs painted
  3. siding needs minor repair
  4. roof may need new shingles - but that should be all
  5. inside walls need painted & updated from paneling
  6. most ceilings need new tiles or something - they are the old drop down type
  7. kitchen needs new sink (old 1 tub type) - this one may get marked out not sure yet!
  8. near a river
  9. near industrial part of town
I'm not worried about any of these though! =)

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